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Chip Mayer

Co-founder & CEO

With a pronounced taste for fashion, he naturally takes care of this section.

Jane Brown

Co-founder & COO

Passionate about fashion and automobiles, Jane shares her discoveries with you.

Erika Black

Marketing Director

In the marketing department, Erika’s job is to make Mercury Web shine on the net.

George Mayer

Creative Director

In charge of the design of the site, do we really have to say thank you? We’re keeping him anyway, he’s nice.







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Shibori technique

Zoom on … the shibori technique

An ancestral Japanese dyeing technique He has been a big hit in the fashion and decoration world for several months now. Shibori is a dyeing technique from Japan that consists[…]

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February 16, 2020 0
hobbies astro sign

The hobbies you should exercise according to your astro sign ?

1. Aries Hyperactive, Aries needs to expend his excess energy to feel good about himself. Of course, sport is his best ally to achieve this! Because he likes strong sensations,[…]

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February 16, 2020 0
natural weed killer

Natural weed killer : these recipes are sure to be effective

Do natural weed killers really work? Discover our guaranteed zero-phytos recipes to get rid of weeds and other “weeds” ! Nature abhors a vacuum. Soil turned over from the vegetable[…]

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February 16, 2020 0