20 ways to use Tiger Balm


20 ways to use Tiger Balm

July 27, 2020 Health 0

The origins of Tiger Balm

A little history before we begin. For several hundred years, traditional Chinese medicine and herbalists have been using medicinal plants to relieve pain with external application of creams, oils, medicinal lotions or poultices. Aw Chu Kin, an herbalist from Rangoon, researched different kinds of ointments and discovered that mixing camphor, cloves and menthol gave real relief. The Tiger Balm made its appearance.

His son, Aw Boon Haw, saw the potential of this product and went to Singapore in 1926 and transformed it into a world famous brand. An immediate success of the effectiveness of traditional Chinese medicine, this product is used by millions of people around the world.

Today, many people think that this Tiger Balm is an old-fashioned grandmother’s remedy.

But people born before the 80’s know that it has many health benefits. Indeed, it is certainly one of the best remedies that has been proven over many, many years. The original Tiger Balm was created in Burma around 1870, by a Chinese herbalist: Aw Chu Kin.

The composition of the balm is made with menthol, mint oil, clove oil, cajuput oil and camphor.

The real balm is in fact a clever mixture of :

  • camphor (between 17 and 25%),
  • menthol (8 to 12%),
  • cajuput oil (between 6 and 8%),
  • mint oil (between 8 and 10%),
  • clove oil (between 1 and 2 %) and
  • Blackcurrant essence for the red (between 1 and 2%) and eucalyptus essence for the white balm.
  • Paraffin is used to fix the ointment (40 to 42 % of the product).

To choose, it is essential to check the presence of the ingredients mentioned above because the high concentration of ingredients is an important factor in the properties of this remedy. It is really lower, for example, in the Sloan (8%) and Hurix (3.4%) balms and they are missing in the Himalayan Balm Bread.

Paraffin is a petroleum derivative, but it seems impossible to find one without it.

Here are 20 uses of Tiger Balm that you probably don’t know :

1. Relieves mosquito bites

This remedy can help you soothe the itch by applying it generously and directly to the bite.

Caution: We have received reports of a very serious complication following application to a wound, so be careful, it is strongly advised against applying it to a wound as the balm is not always sterile. Talk to your pharmacist when you buy it.

2. Insect repellent

It’s a good repellent that has proven its effectiveness. Indeed, wasps, bees, mosquitoes do not like its strong smell.

Place a box of Balm in each corner of your room during the summer, and remove the lid so that the product can diffuse.

Insects will not come if there is this strong smell.

3. Eliminates termites

Even bamboo furniture affected by woodborers can be treated with this Balm to get rid of them.

Apply a small amount of Balm to all the small termite holes in the affected furniture and they will disappear.

4. Relieves rheumatism well

For those who have pain problems due to rheumatism, this product can be used as an analgesic.

How do you do it? By massaging it directly on the legs, back or sore muscles.

Apply tiger balm as many times as necessary.

5. Remove paint stains

You’ve been painting at home and now you have paint stains on your hands and arms.

Are you having trouble getting them off? There is no need to use chemicals.

Put some Balm on a cloth or towel and rub your skin with it.

Quickly, in just a few minutes, the paint will start to dissolve and you can remove it easily.

6. Reduces the smell of perspiration

Perspiration odours can be greatly reduced with prolonged use of the Balm.

Put Tiger Balm regularly on the parts of your anatomy where you need it and the bad smells will fade or disappear completely.

7. To treat diarrhoea

During stays abroad, diarrhea can happen quickly.

To relieve it, massage a little Balm around your navel.

Then, cover the navel with the palm of your hand for 2 or 3 minutes so that the warmth spreads well over your belly.

You can also apply a little Balm between your coccyx to make it more effective.

8. Soothes sore throat

When the first signs of a sore throat appear, apply Balm generously around the neck before going to bed.

Gently apply it around the neck area with the palm of your hand.

Your sore throat will disappear or subside significantly when you wake up.

9. It relieves toothache well

If you have a toothache, one solution may be to apply a little Balm directly to the sore tooth.

Use: Put a little balm on a towel and rub it around the tooth that hurts.

10. To soothe small superficial burns

For small burns of the epidermis, lightly apply Tiger Balm to the affected areas.

It will relieve the pain and avoid blisters. The faster it is applied, the faster the burn will be relieved.

11. Treat corns on the feet

Corns and calluses can fade or even disappear with regular application of the Balm.

Apply Balm directly to calluses and corns.

To make it more effective, the Tiger Balm can be slightly heated for better penetration.

12. Relieves headaches

It’s a very good headache remedy.

Gently massage your temples in small circles with a little Balm and reapply if you need it.

13. To unclog your sinuses

When you have a cold with a stuffy nose, apply a little tiger balm under and around your nostrils.

Breathe deeply and your nostrils will magically open.

14. This is a good remedy for motion sickness.

It is effective against seasickness and heartburn during car or bus trips.

To avoid nausea, put tiger balm on your lips.

15. Helps fight constipation

Just as it can help against diarrhea, it can also help against constipation.

Massage a little of this remedy on the stomach area to relieve your stomach.

16. Helps you breathe well

Did you know that some football players in Germany use Tiger Balm on their torso?

That’s because they have discovered that applying it to the chest can relieve the pain associated with running fast.

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17. Peel off the remnants of a sticker

It can also be used to remove a sticker.

To do this, proceed as follows: rub it on the glue residues of the sticker, and you will be able to remove all the residues more easily.

18. Against cold feet

For people with cold feet in winter for example, Tiger Balm can be an effective and inexpensive solution.

Massaging your feet with it will stimulate and improve your blood circulation.

19. Shoe closet deodorizer

Deodorize your shoes by simply putting an open jar of Balm in your shoe cabinet.

20. Some ENT disorders

It is also known for certain ENT disorders such as sinusitis or rhinitis, or cough when applied by rubbing on the chest or inhaling, however talk to your pharmacist before any application.

Which balm should you choose? Red balm and oil: mainly used for local use for pain of musculoskeletal origin, rheumatism, aches and pains, warm-ups before sports or intense work. White balm: mostly used for local use for mosquito bites, itching, colds when applied under the nose, headaches when massaged on the temples and inhaled for sinusitis and migraines (melt a small spoon in a bowl of hot water).

Patch green, red and back pain: Apply to painful areas for pain of musculoskeletal origin, rheumatism, aches and pains. The green patch gives an intense freshness and red an intense heat.

Of course this is part of alternative medicine in case of intense pain, lumbago hernia, strong migraine …. You must imperatively consult a doctor and go through the modern medicine prescribed by your doctor .