The hobbies you should exercise according to your astro sign ?


The hobbies you should exercise according to your astro sign ?

February 16, 2020 Hobbies 0
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1. Aries

Hyperactive, Aries needs to expend his excess energy to feel good about himself. Of course, sport is his best ally to achieve this! Because he likes strong sensations, he has a weakness for speed sports. Especially when they are practiced outdoors. Because, for him, there’s nothing better than to recharge your batteries outdoors. In this sense, board sports seem to suit him perfectly: skiing in winter, surfing in summer! One thing is certain, Aries is a competitor who hates to lose. So it is in his best interest to favour individual sports! Generally speaking, he is an avid jogger, which he likes to do on a daily basis, in the early morning or after work.

2. The Bull

Unlike Aries, Taurus is not one of the most athletic astrological signs. Known to be the epicurean of the Zodiac, Taurus prefers to indulge in good food with his family. Every weekend, you can be sure to find him criss-crossing the local markets before returning home to concoct his fetish recipes. As you can see, his favourite activity is cooking. But he also loves the simple pleasures of life such as hiking and cycling in the great outdoors, gardening, reading, music and even lazing around in the sun. One thing is for sure: he longs for quiet and restful leisure activities.

3. Gemini

After the sportsman, the epicurean, make way for the spiritual of the Zodiac! Indeed, Gemini is the most curious astrological sign. Always in search of intellectual stimulation, it collects cerebral activities. He passionately loves history, literature, music and art in general. He is the kind of individual who will always respond to a cultural outing. Exhibition, museum, theatre… Let’s hope he learns something! He’s also a lover of philosophy: discussing, debating and remaking the world with his friends and family, that’s what he should like! In any case, Gemini hates routine and will make sure to vary his leisure time so as not to get bored…

4. Cancer

Cancer is a home-based disease and spends most of his time at home. His interior is a true cocoon in which he likes to find comfort. It is therefore not surprising that his hobbies are intended for him. Indeed, he loves tinkering and DIY! What does he prefer? Making something new out of something old. Let’s remember that this is a sign of the past! Thus, all the objects that remind him of his childhood and those that evoke family memories fill him with wonder. To respond to this nostalgic temperament, he doesn’t hesitate to go to antique shops and flea markets to salvage things! He may even be a collector of knick-knacks or objects of all kinds …

5. The Lion

No doubt, the Lion is not the type to tire himself out during his moments of relaxation. And generally, he prefers restful activities. Of course, he can find his happiness through some sports activities. But, as always, these will have to enhance him in the eyes of others. Because he likes to be noticed, he doesn’t hesitate to put himself forward by practising a prestigious leisure activity such as polo, golf or horse racing. One thing is sure, he loves luxury and is always happy to appear at social events, haute couture fashion shows and art exhibitions!

6. Virgo

An activity combining rigour, discipline and analysis. This is what the Virgin aspires to! This astrological sign is a perfectionist who loves to work his mind. In other words, he is not really interested in intense physical activity. More cerebral hobbies such as reading, arrows, chess or even movies are more suitable for him. Finally, she may find an interest in making homemade household and beauty products. She, who is extremely careful about her health and her image, will inevitably find something to her liking…

7. The Libra

A pacifist and balanced sign, Libra hates overly violent sports. It can conceive the practice of a physical activity if it is artistic. Otherwise, it sees no point in tiring oneself over nothing. Dance, figure skating, synchronized swimming… She loves art in sports! In any case, she wants to take care of her image. In this sense, Libra – who is called the queen of beauty – does not hesitate to offer herself activities related to well-being. Spa sessions, massage, manicure… This is how she likes to occupy her free time! Not to mention her penchant for shopping…

8. The Scorpio

One thing’s for sure, Scorpio’s a risk-taker. So when it comes to finding a hobby, he usually turns to extreme activities. If you’re a thrill-seeker, you need something colourful! Scuba diving, parachuting, combat sports, mountaineering… Nothing frightens him! It must be said that he is a force of nature with a formidable physique and a steely mind! Finally, he is a powerful strategist and an outstanding manipulator. What’s the result? When he decides to give his body a little respite, he will be happy to participate in puzzle games, an escape game or even poker tournaments!

9. Sagittarius

Overflowing with energy, Sagittarius multiplies physical activities to let off steam. On a daily basis, it has no favourite hobby. In reality, it is a touch for anyone who likes novelty and change. So much so that he tries his hand at many disciplines without ever finishing things. On the other hand, if there’s one thing he never gets tired of, it’s travelling. Free and independent, thirsty for adventure and exploration, he tries his best to travel as much as possible and explore the four corners of the globe. Open-minded and curious by nature, Sagittarius has only one idea in mind: to meet new people and be enriched by cultures different from his own…

10. Capricorn

To let go, Capricorn likes to be alone. And his favorite activity is nothing else than reflection and meditation. More than any other astrological sign, Capricorn is a solitary wolf who runs away from crowds and noise. His favorite pastime? Reading! Not only does it allow him to escape, but literature is a fabulous way for him to get rich. In the same way, he is able to spend hours on the Internet to delve deeper into a subject that is close to his heart and that interests him. Painting and music (preferably classical or jazzy) are also excellent ways for him to escape and relax .

11. Aquarius

With his light vision of life, Aquarius will let himself be rocked by his desires. But what he loves most of all is partying with his friends! He is the festival specialist he accumulates throughout the year. An avant-garde astrological sign, he also has a soft spot for everything that has a fascination for new technologies. He is also a lover of photography. He could spend his time capturing faces, works of art, architecture, landscapes or even simple urban details. In short, Aquarius has a passion for many subjects and this is what makes his originality!

12. Fish

In love with love, Pisces is the most romantic astrological sign. So much so that he would like to spend all his free time next to his loved one. And if by misfortune, he hasn’t yet found the right shoe, he will find a way to live his love dream through novels or romance movies! One thing is sure, Pisces loves activities that stimulate his senses. Music is the perfect example! And all it takes is a ballet performance accompanied by a symphony orchestra to get our sentimentality all stirred up…